WS 2021/2022 Events

Are you looking for like-minded PEOPLE to have FUN with?
Do you enjoy speaking ENGLISH?

Then come play with us!

All ages, genders and experience levels are welcome!

Directing, Acting, Stage Building, PR, Costume, Hair and Make-up… If it has a place on stage, it has a place with us.

You can find out more about us on our social media, or even better, drop by one of our events. If you have any questions, send us an email and we will get back to you!


Taster Session: Never been part of a theatre crew? Not sure what to expect and if we are the group for you? Or are you chomping at the bit for a slice of theatre? Come to our Taster Session! We’ll get to know each other, have some snacks and try our hand at Improv. Come as you are and choose which activities to participate in!

Thursday, Oct. 21st

Start: 7 pm

Place: Wilhelmstraße 26, R 01014


Production Workshop: For the first time the maniACTs collaborate with the English Department to offer a course; “Staging Theatre: A Practical Approach”. It will kick off with a two-day workshop where we will introduce you to the different departments, teaching you how to; build a stage and light it, pick costumes and make-up, as well as how to direct and act in a play. After that, we will continue as a practical course, stretching out until the end of the semester and *fingers crossed* end with a theatre production. If you are interested, check it out in the course catalogue, send us an email, or just show up!

Saturday, Nov. 13th &

Sunday, Nov. 14th

Start: 10 am

Place: FISTung Hörsaal Fahnenbergplatz


“Reating”:Join us for our signature social event, where we drink and eat and read a play together. You just need a device on which to read the play – or tell us in advance that you’ll need a paper copy. Everyone is welcome, bring your friends and/or your family. And should you have a play you want to read, just let us know!

Thursday, Oct. 28th & every third Thursday of each month

Start: 7 pm

Place: Blauer Fuchs (formerly Mehlwaage)

*The university wide 3G rules apply.