Fall 2018: Sarah Kane’s “Crave”

Why are you laughing? Why are you crying? How can you leave me like this?
Have you ever raped anyone? Do you ever hear voices?

These are some of the questions that the four characters A, B, C and M ask each other and the audience in Sarah Kane’s Crave, that premiered in 1998.
The play is a challenge both for actors and spectators: it is fragmented, fast paced and offers endless interpretations. With its rhythmical, poetic language it draws the spectators in and asks them to connect, question and make sense of the way in which the characters interact.
The themes that preoccupy the four are inherently human: family problems, mental illness, drug abuse, sexual violence but, most importantly, hurting from and longing for love.
In one moment, A, B, C and M seem like fundamentally different people, each of them carrying the burden of their past. In the next, they appear to be bodiless voices jointly shouting out their pain, into the dark.

Impressions from the production:

Photos: Panos Amantin Mehilli

Cast & Crew: